Giraffy tech service terms and conditions

We provide software configuration and development services. The following terms and conditions applies to all our services:

1. We work only with 100% upfront payments.

2. Job price is determined by Giraffy tech and is not subjected for discussion.

3. We cannot guarantee that your mobile app will be approved for the AppStore (if applicable).

4. Anything which is not described directly, will not be implemented.

5. Any work not discussed and not included into the payments is subject of additional charges.

6. Giraffy tech is able to announce the job on any website, freelance marketplace, internet forum or anywhere else. Giraffy tech could include developed software to its portfolio.

7. Payment must be made via Payoneer or Wire transfer. Giraffy tech defines which payment method will be used for each particular payment.

8. All fees and commissions are paid by client.

9. Giraffy tech start work since the next business day after payment is received.

10. All communication is done via email.

11. If client is not responding within 1 week, Giraffy tech cannot guarantee any deadline. Work will be done with other clients priority.

12. If client is not responding within 1 month, job is considered as done and new payment is required to continue.

13. No refund is available.

14. If client is unable to provide required information, Giraffy tech could do the job using existing information and experience.

15. Software is provided using "AS IS" principle (which is commonly used for software). This means than maximum Giraffy tech responsibility for using our software is limited to 1 cent (one US cent).

16. In case of other written agreement among Giraffy tech and client, written agreement has bigger priority.

17. Customization consultation doesn't include any code writing. It also doesn't include any basic things (like programming language, http basics, etc) explanation. Questions shouldn't be too general like "How to change the registration implementation", or "How to add facebook login" - such questions decreases the number of available questions, but will get no answer.