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delivery services
Everything you need to get started with delivery services mobile app
development - mobile app for both iOS and Android (Ionic app) + ready to use backend and API server.
Watch how the app works
Using the cutting-edge technologies
The optimal set of technologies, which allows you to easily find the developers and rapidly build the product
Apache Cordova
Hybrid mobile app core technology
Ionic framework
Great solution for cross-platform app
Laravel framework
For your backend
Backend included
You can try now using the following credentials:
password: password
Demo data is being reset every 2 hours
All must-have features
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Shopping cart with online payment support
Powerful and flexible shopping cart. Supports PayPal, Stripe and cash on delivery out of box with minimal setup required.
Delivery areas
You can manage delivery the way you want - create as much delivery zones as you need and set custom delivery price for each zone
Promo codes
Want to do a promotion? It's easy with this starter - just add a promo code. You can set exact discount value, or percent discount, specify minimum order value and limit amount of time this promocode can be used
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and save up to
50 hours of development
Want the mobile app demo?
We have the full-featured demo published in both AppStore and Google Play
Push notifications included
Works using totally free OneSignal service, both backend and app are ready to send and receive them.
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